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Asimina triloba or paw paw – resistant fruit.

Sazrijevanje: sredina rujna
Rast Baznik, located in Krska vas, has twenty years of experience with Asimina and annually harvests a large amount of paw paw fruit from their private trees.

A young Asimina plant produces fruit in bunches and of enviable weight and size.

When ripe, Asimina fruit can be found under the plant, as we can see after a windy day like today.

Our grandson Klemen has difficulties holding five Asimina fruits, which have formed from one flower.

As we cut a ripe Asimina fruit, we notice the seeds, the fruit is very fragrant, tasty, aromatic and filled with vitamins and minerals. A fantasy of flavours.

It’s recommended we provide shade for a young Asimina plant during the Summer, so the Sun doesn’t burn the leaves.

Grafted Asimina varieties are available for planting at Rast Baznik from Krska vas, Slovenia. 

We provide our customers with the knowledge we gathered during the past twenty years of work with Asimina trees.

Our daughter Katja baked a cake, made of Asimina fruits and decorated it with fresh blueberries from our garden.

At our facility you can see a twenty-year-old Asimina tree and a constant showcasing of pawpaw fruit.

This is todays harvest of ripe Asimina fruits that have fallen from the tree due to the weather.


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